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Our main products are: travel mug,vacuum flask,plastic mug,water bottle,stainless steel mug
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Vacuum flask owned to be the first
December, the most gorgeous colors season inthis year, taking advantage of the weekend, bring your luggage and turned toAmerican sweetheart to enjoy your own colorful life.
The S GIRL except like to dress up themselves and should pay greater attentionto health.Vacuum flask not only have diverse functions, but also is a portablefashion object. As same as the S GIRL coexistence of beauty and wisdom, our vacuum flask has a strong thermal and cool insulation function. Red, pink,white, black, yellow as seductive as cake and can not wait to eat. Fantastic vacuum flask immediately owned it!
Humanized design is more convenient to carry,Japanand South Koreasplit-type design in wave and line, beautiful curves like a gorgeous watercolorflower only seek to reflect the taste of you. It is comfortable traveled majorattractions.
Shape design apply the most popular color combinations, easy to match allclothing. Colorfultravel mugno matter where they will notgive the left a vague impression, fully reflects the high quality and environmentallyfriendly hostess home lifestyle, make your life full of fun.
With security, anti-erosion, sealing strong, long life, high vacuum performanceother characteristics, long time to thermal insulation.
Adoption of international standards of stainless steel seamless welded vacuumliner, use of advanced technology and the world s most advanced taillessvacuum precision production equipment, vacuum insulation function can bemaintained more than eight years, get your food, drinks thermal insulation timelonger and more fresh.
Cup Lid apply food-grade double silicone design, health and hygiene, non-toxic,safe seals, as well as anti-scald design, tender skin so you stay away fromdanger.