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The choice of outdoor sports water bottle

1. Currently, the sports water bottle in market classified by material have glass, lastic, aluminum and stainless steel water bottles, glass bottle is fragile, bulky and difficult to carry. Plastic water bottles can be divided into PP and PC material, common water bottle, space cup and feeding bottle use of PC material, when heated, it is easy release BPA, BPA is harm to baby, so European and American countries have banned it. Only PP material (with BPA FRee logo) water bottle can be used safely.

2. Aluminum water bottle is made by high purity aluminum stamping, the wall coated with epoxy resin, modern medical research shows that the accumulation of too much aluminum in the human body can cause mental decline, memory loss and dementia. Therefore, the people, especially young people should minimize the use of aluminum utensils and cookware.

3. High-quality stainless steel water bottle use of 304 stainless steel, bottle thickness is between 0.4mm and 0.5mm, bottle body wall without any coating and free of harmful chemicals and toxins. It is preferred alternative products of traditional plastic and aluminum water bottle. Some bottles use of 201 stainless steel (nickel 3.5-5.5%) on the market, corrosion resistance is worse than 304 stainless steel (nickel 8-10%).

4. The weight of stainless steel water bottle is almost with aluminum water bottle, way to distinguish them is stainless steel water bottle has a punch line, aluminum bottle has inner coating, it has a strong pungent taste and not washable out.

5. Therefore, we recommended to select a stainless steel sports bottle, it has single layer cold water bottle and vacuum insulation bottle. It you are not in cold conditions, the use of single layer bottle is enough.