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How too clean water bottle
1. Toothpaste
Rinse the water bottle with water (without leaving the water), the use the toothpaste to rub in the water bottle wall, then wash.
2. Salt
No matter table salt or coarse salt, can help us remove the tea stains on the water bottle. Just finger picks, scrub back and forth over the tea stains. As long as two or three minutes, you will find tea stains disappear and not easy to damage to the cup itself.
3. Citrus peel
When clean the stubborn dirt, it does not clean all the time. May wish to look in the kitchen with leftover lemon or citrus peel. For cleaning coffee cup, use a little vinegar or lemon slice to wipe bottle edge. If it is coffee pot, we can put lemon slices with a cloth package into pot and fill water. Cook the lemon like coffee.
4. Peel and salt
With the peel instead of cloth, dampened with salt, then scrub tea stains, it can achieve an unexpected good effect. If you do not peel, then use a little vinegar will have the same effect.
5. Bleach
Use kitchen specific bleach diluted in a large pot, then put the water bottle to soak overnight, after washing with water, the bottle will become clean.